Your Car Care Professionals

Experience the Fort Car Wash Difference

We are far more than simply a car wash. From our Omega Touchless Wash System, to our professional detailing services, we offer a vast range of options to keep your vehicle looking its best. Mother nature can be harsh on cars – dishing out rust inducing salt in the winter, and pesky bugs in the heat of summer. Our expertise and top of the line equipment will arm you with the best defense against the elements, and keep your car shining like new. The Fort Car Wash standard takes “car wash” to a new level. Between our upgraded facility and eager staff, we are here to deliver the absolute best care that your car deserves. We stand by our customers, and are driven to be the best car washing service in the area.

Meet the Owners!

Zane grew up farming in Washington state, and is well versed in the world of growing crops. He then spent the next 10-years building a career as a manager of a home improvement store in Florida. It was also during this time that he took on a part-time job as an employee of a very successful local car wash operation. Little did he know how much car washing would become such a big part of his future. Soon after, Zane was accepted in a renowned cooking school in North Carolina; ultimately though, he decided it would contradict with his biggest goal of having, and being present with his own family someday. Within a year-and-a-half of having his first daughter he became aware of an opportunity to take over Fort Car Wash. After visiting Wisconsin for the first time ever in April of 2017, he knew he couldn’t refuse the chance to be integrated into such a strong, charming community that Fort Atkinson affords. He is strongly aligned with previous owner, Terry Ault and Fort Car Wash founder, Dave Wadman, and is grateful for their knowledge and experience to make sure he is serving the needs of Fort Atkinson residents.

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