Soft cloth automatic

Here is a pictorial of what happens inside the "tunnel". This is the business end of the washing system. There is far more than meets the eye here. This is not merely foamy mops and soft brushes, but there is an art to the time and spacing of the washing process.

We are a Neo-Glide soft touch wash. The material the brushes are made from is a neoprene foam that gently sponges off the dirt and road grime. The road grime is the film that we pick up from the road just by virtue of the filth of automobile exhaust, tar, and dust being ever present in driving atmospheres. If the road film is not removed the car gets dirty again very quickly because dirt attracts dirt. A truly clean car will repel dirt and water. The film on the Touchless washes will never be able to compete with a “soft touch” wash like ours because the mechanism for cleaning the car is the action of the water itself. Additionally all our package washes finish with a genuine towel dry. This drying action removes the dirt grabbing water droplets and finishes the wash with a sort of polishing effect. Don’t try this after a touch free wash-- you could damage your cars clear cote because the car is not truly clean.

first step First job is to get the entire vehicle wet with pre-wash soap solution.
second step Second step. This is the left over bug parts that are stuck on the grill... but not for long!
Third step Third step. This isn't just a "for the camera" picture. We pay careful attention to details, like the wheel wells. This is where rust often starts for cars, especially in our lattitude.
Fourth step Fourth step. The brushes here are soft foam brushes that never damage the clear cote, but gently remove road grime that clings to your vehicle.
Fifth step Fifth step. This is the rim/ wheel blaster doing it's thing.
Sixth step Sixth step. Ask us about rust inhibitor underspray.
Seventh step Seventh step. Attention to detail. The soft cloth finish. Look at that truck shine!