The Details of Detailing!

truck shines at car wash

Don't wax at home!

Speaking of restore.

   This is a big no no for diy’s home waxing swirls the cars’ finish. Yes it looks good for a while but soon the swirls turn to hazing then to oxidized finish that has a sort of muddy look to it. The good news? We can buff that haze out. And, Best of all we don’t ever swirl a finish because of the painstaking effort put into the wash, buff and surface restore.   We can get out a lot of scratches that you may have thought to be permanent. We use about 20 different cleaners, clay, and glazing in our complete detail package. And yes we positively know what we are doing. Don’t let your neighbor boy wax your car. Not even your grandson, as cute as he is. You get the point.

The following options are available for your car:

  • Vehicle wash
  • Leather clean
  • Clean and protect dash
  • Clean all glass
  • Under body rust inhibitor
  • Road Rash Repair stone chip paint touchup
  • Steam clean all carpet and fabric
  • Wheel clean and treatment
  • Windshield water repellent
  • Head light clarification