About us

car washWe believe strongly that we have the finest car wash system in the Fort Atkinson area. We look forward to serving you (and, of course your car) soon, and proving to you how great it is!

We are a Neo-Glide soft touch wash. The material the brushes are made from is a neoprene foam that gently sponges off the dirt and road grime.truck at car wash The road grime is the film that we pick up from the road just by virtue of the filth of automobile exhaust, tar, and dust being ever present in driving atmospheres.

We are now working on a fully Automated Large Touchless to complement our tunnel. The new wash will be capable of washing larger trucks up to 108" tall and dual wheels! We will be the largest  capacity automated wash in the area!

Fort Car Wash is your one stop place for complete car care. We offer customers a variety of services. Call or stop in today.







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